Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Ethnic Identity in Iran and Afghanistan

The two pictures posted here illustrates the ethnic identity in Iran and Afghanistan. The first pictures shows a crowd in Tehran. The second picture is a school in Afghanistan. The difference between these two pictures shows the ethnic identity in Iran and Afghansitan. If an Iranian is asked who are the people in the first picture, the response would be they are Iranians. They can not specify ethnicity of these people. If an Afghan is asked about the second picture, the afghan can tell exactly which ethnic group every girl in the second picture belongs. The ethnic groups in Afghanistan are clearly demarcated. The racial policies of the Azeri regime in Tehran will end up with all Iranians looking like the first picture. It tries t break down all ethnic demarcation and produce the Iranian race. That is people with no ethnic identity. That crowd would be called the Iranian race. And those phenotypes are extensively used by Hollywood to show how Persian Aryans look like. The extensive campaign by Hollywood painting Persians as Arabs exactly refers to these Azeri phenotypes as Azeris show similar facial features with Arabs.

Dokthare Kabuli or Hindi?

This Video is called Dokhtar Kabuli or a Girl from Kabul. What is interesting is an Azeri Turk pretending to be a Persian is singing for an Indian Girl who is dancing with a Sari. The number of errors in this video is unlimited. Azeri Turks do not live in Khorasan province next to Afghanistan as it is presented in the Video. There is no Afghan or Kabuli girl in the video. Instead the girl is an Indian girl. And Azeri Turks have no ethnic relations with Afghans. The video ends with Azeri Turk riding a car with the "Afghan Kabuli" girl and approaches the Iranian border from Afghanistan side. In other words the the Azeri Turk Iranian finds an Afghan "Kabuli" woman and brings her to Iran. The video is pointing out that rich Azeri Turks from Iran should go to Afghanistan and bring Afghani woman to Iran. This is called by Azeri Turk Iranians as "Aryanization of Azeri Turks into Aryans". This video is supposed to mark the start of Afghani woman trade by Azeri Turk Iranian regime in Tehran. The Tehran regime does not encourage regional trade or expansion of trade between neighboring Khorasan Persian Province and Herat, but wants to have only Azeri-Turk Tehran trade relation with Kabol. This is even clear from the name of the video. "Dokhtare Kaboli" instead for "Dokhtare Herati" or "Dokhtare Mashhadi". Also the Azeri Iranian guy is not some local Persian from neighboring province of Khorasan but some rich Azeri Turk from Tehran who has stolen millions of dollars in oil revenue and drives a latest model car.

Comments by other Visitors:

"The point I am making is that a lot of afghans are saying Iran and Pakistan is their enemy...and wants to destroy afghan culture and afghan identity. What these afghans are saying many times is that Afghanistan and Khorasan province in Iran are almost the same. And they are saying that Azeri Turks in Iran do not like how Khorasan is so similar to Afghanistan in culture, in race(appearance) and also the common history. So...they make movies, dramas, magazines and music videos that try to remove that culture and replace it with a "pan iranic" culture that Azeris are also part of.

Also dude...azeris are much more than 30% and they already control most of Iran from Tehran. They also want to unite with Azerbeijan into Iran so that they become bigger than Persians in population."

Dokthare Kabuli or Hindi By Shahab Tiam

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By Reza Breakstone
NIAC staff member

Washington DC, April 10, 2003.The Central Asia-Caucuses Institute at the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) presented a panel discussion entitled “Iran, Iranian-Azerbaijan, and Azerbaijan after the Iraq-Iran War,” on Wednesday evening. The panel included former Azerbaijani Ambassador to Iran - Nasib Nassibli, Chief of the Azerbaijani Service of Voice of America - Dr. Hassan Javadi, and former linguistics professor of the University of Tabriz - Dr. Mahmud Ali Chehregani.

Nassibli, the first speaker of the evening, focused on the Azerbaijani question in Iran, as well as Iran-Azerbaijan relations, referring to the Republic of Azerbaijan as Northern Azerbaijan and the province of Azerbaijan in Iran as Southern Azerbaijan. His discussion quickly turned to Azeri separatism from Iran.

Nassibli estimated the Azeri population in Iran to be between 25 and 30 million, i.e. forty percent of Iran’s population and nearly fifty percent of Tehran’s population. Nassibli prefaced his statistics with the warning that it was problematic pinpointing the population due to the fact that there had not been an effective census in the country for quite a Chehregani, speaking Azeri and accompanied by a translator, was the most controversial speaker of the night. He estimated the Azeri population in Iran to be around thirty-five million, and the Persian population only twenty million. These figures broke the crowd into a bit of incredulousness with scrunched faces and increased commotion.

Not surprisingly, Chehregani received the last word of the evening. The Azeri separatist boldly stated that Azeris do not celebrate Iranian holidays and festivals, and that Azeris experience widespread discrimination in Iran, unless they deny their Azeri identity. This comment was made in retort to Javadi’s claim that he, as an Azeri, never had faced discrimination in Iran and that he was able to have a very successful career in Tehran.



Anonymous said...

I'm sorry . I am Iranian Azeri and this whole conflict doesn't even exist. First of all no such people as Persians exist. It's a made up word by the Greek , they called Iran Persia.Iran has been mixing for soooo long, it's stupid to say there is ethnic tension. Have you been to Tehran?? half the population speaks Azeri, and the other half have a parent that speaks Azeri. Your conflict is made up.

Anonymous said...

Every Azerbaijani is a Turk and every Iranian is a Persian. That is all. My father is from Astara. Not once did he EVER call himself an Iranian. He never taught me farsi either as a child. I understand why, now as an adult. As soon as he turned 17, he found his way out of Iran and never returned. That says a lot about Azeris (the true ones). He also taught me about Seljuqs which is who we are and taught me about Turkish history, always leaving out persians. Persians have to get used to the fact that Azeris are not persians and that the only ones who want to assimilate and speak "khele mele" are the ones who are content with being jokes to their true roots and culture. Sorry Iran, we are NOT the same nor are we on the same side. The only way we persians can be cool with Turks is to convert to Sunni Islam, and accept the fact that they are inferior to Turk superiority. In additions, persians should vacate all of south Azerbaijan territories, break their alliance with Armenia and be subservient to Turk Shafaqlar. Anything less then that will not be good for Persians.

Anonymous said...

misprint it the 4th sentence from the bottom. You persians, not we. In addition, how do I know that Azeris are Turks and not Persians. It's a djinn thing. I know persians are humans, and Turks are not. That is the difference. Persians, just accept the fact that the world you love so much has been invaded by world enders. Turk Shafaklar is what happens at the end of the Earth, it's in every single book, religion and philosophy. I know you like to call yourselves "Iron" but the Iron age is over. That is all.

Anonymous said...

By the way persians, I have been spying on you for the CIA and NSA for some time now. I exposed all your secrets by reading your djinn energy. Ha !!!!