Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Clashes in the Caspian

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Moving Azeri Turks into other provinces under a new Scheme

Quote: The policy of Turkification of Iran

# Moving the Capital Tehran to Mashhad in Khorasan: Plans to move the capital from Tehran to Mashhad. Mashhad is the capital of the biggest Persian speaking province Khorasan with 6 million population which borders Afghanistan. This plan includes moving several million Azeris into Khorasan. Articles have appeared in Iranian press on this subject. It has been opposed by the Persian clergy in Mashhad. Another plan was to divide Khorasan into 20 provinces in order to weaken it as a base of resistance for the Persian clergy. But they succeeded in 2004 to divide Khorasan into three provinces: southern Khorasan and Northern Khorasan and central Khorasan.

Authorities claim natural disasters and other reasons for such a move. The reality is stopping furthering immigration to Tehran is the first solution. President Ahmadinjead racial agenda to destroy other ethnic groups is being speeded up and moving Azeri Turks to other provinces in a slow a motion attract suspicion so they are trying to do this in one big move.

These schemes are a copy of Azeri Turk Saffavids dynasty in 16 century when they move the capital from Tabriz to Isfahan.

According to some sources Arak can be a new capital of Iran. The scheme would move millions of Azeri Turks into central Iran and create another Tabriz or Baku in the middle of Iran. This is going to be a cultural disaster for the natives of Iran.

Also see How Rural Areas are emptied and people are moved to Tehran (Click Here for a Video).

The plan to move the capital of Iran from Tehran to a new location

Iran Press News: The regime-run news agency Alborz wrote: Natural and unnatural crises has got the regime officials thining about moving the nation’s capital. Crises such as floods, earthquakes, natural and unnatural sinkage and downslides are all variables that has led the experts from the ministry of housing and urban development to consider the possibility of transferring the capital of Iran to another location.

This plan, based on numerous reports by prevention and crisis management teams, has been presented to the ministry. Other than the various natural causes, unnatural factors extrapolated from human activities have also been cited as the most important factors for crisis in the capital city of Tehran.

In this report earthquakes are said to be the most important and likely causes however floods, as well as careless and unrearched soil excavation appears to be factors that can bring about a huge number of casualties not to mention result in irrepairable financial damage. According to the report subteraenean water canals have also weakened the land in the capital.

Clashes in the Caspian

On Another forum somebody posted pictures from Bandar Abbas in South of Iran. Mr. Kaveh stated that these people are not Iranians and they are foreigners. This is was my response.

Oslonor comments:
Do not Label people. Just try to discuss issues. Actually Mr. Kaveh has a very good point. What he is saying is actually what the regime is promoting. A Persian or an Iranian is somebody who looks like people from Tehran (Tehran is %70 Azeris) and have a Tehran culture. Not only people from South but also people from other regions of Iran look foreign to them. The most important issue is that the natives of Iran do not have Tehran Azeri culture or they do not look like Azeri Turks. The Turkification of Iran tries to solve this so people in the rest of Iran look like Tehran and have Tehran culture.

A major problem in the Turkification of Iran is the lack of housing. So the regime is confiscating land to build houses so that they can move Azeri turks into these regions. And they call it for other names such as they want to build university!!!!!!

Farmers in the Caspian region of Iran clash with regime’s disciplinary forces

On Friday, September 15th Iran Press News received the below report which has since been updated:

According to activists in Iran, tension between rural residents in the Awmol area and government disciplinary forces has intensified. Iran Press News received the following e-mail:

"The Islamic regime has forcefully usurped 50 hectares of land belonging to farmers from the village of Kamdarreh in order to build their Ayatollah Amelie University. The brutal security forces have so far arrested more than 250 people from the village among them women and children. In order to suppress the locals, the guards have taken to lobbing tear gas at the locals, firing their rifles off randomly and beating people with their nightsticks. In order to track down protestors, the guards have begun conducting house-to-house searches, kicking doors down, they enter without permission. They brutally attack and beat the residents of the houses and break everything in sight, including windows of the house, and mercilessly brutalize women. They have cut off the water and electricity of the village. All the residents have been arrested and sent to prison and every day the number of detainees increases. Not one man in sight... they've all been arrested or have fled to big cities or the nearby forests for fear of their lives. Most of their houses have been totally destroyed, forcing them to go to stay with relatives in neighboring villages. Now all financial responsibilities of the family are left on the shoulders of the women. All those around the world whose gaze has become fixed on the issues of Lebanon should also look at the story of Kamdarreh. They (the Islamic regime) have even bulldozed the land that was under cultivation by the local farmers."

Bandar Abbas:

This map by Azeri Turks shows how Azeri Turks are trying to change the ethnic composition of Iran. AS you see the Caspian Region in the North is one of target areas.


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azeris are integral part of iran and iranian identity.

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I am appaled by this false article! this message goes to the founder of this site - keep ur ass and mind away from Azerbaijan n it's history, for this is- NON OF UR BUSINESS, motherfucker! I highly doubt of ur true nationality, most probably u r an armenian spreading this false on net! iran wouldn't be iran without azeris, whether u like it or not! although iranians misused azeris throughout their histroy, naive azeris have always been too loyal developing and spreading shitty iranian culture instead of their own! whoever u r - if u r speaking as a representative of iranians, it is important that u always keep in mind the FACT that iranians should be all their life grateful to azeris for their great contribution to iranian culture and iranian republic! and if shabby iranians have something to do close to beaty then it is also thanks to their azeri blood running in them!

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Tarig Anter said...

Great article. Thank you very much.
Let us discuss how Iranians became considered culturally and more important ethnically as Persians. The term Iran (Aryan) is very old while Persia is appeared just 600-800 BC.
There are many disputed facts about the processes of Turkification of Iran and the Turkic origins of Persians:
1- The Turkification of the Iranian people passed through at least three phases:
A. The First Phase: was carried out by Turkic invaders, migrants, and settlers that led to the establishment of the Achaemenid Empire and the invention of Persian stock and Persian Zoroastrianism starting from 550 BC.
B. The Second Phase: was done by the Safavid Dynasty which violently imposed Shiism on Iran and turned the Iranians from Sunnis to Twelvers Shiat by force starting from 1501 AD.
C. The Third Phase: is an on going process that started by restoring the original name “Iran” in 1935 by Reza Shah Pahlavi to replace the imposed name “Persia” without restoring the Iranian identity of Iranians, who are still considered ethnically “Persians”, while they only speak Persian. This developing phase is aiming to erase the Iranian ancient indigenous national identity, and specially the Kurds who could lead the revival of other native Iranian groups.
Turkic Speakers Join Forces in Iran’s Parliament
In January 2017 an unprecedented formation of a cross-factional parliamentary group of Turkic speakers stirred controversy in Iran. The recent move by Turkic parliamentarians could push the Iranians to stand up against the processes of Turkification and Persianisation of Iran.

Iranian “Islamic” Parliament and the Supreme Leader of Iran are conspicuously silent towards the past and present Turkification of Iranians and the falsification their identity, history and cultures.

2- Shiism, Sunnism, and Sufism ore just various rival forms of Turkic Islam and all of them are Turkic tool to rule over the Iranians, Arabs, Levant, India, Asia, and Africa.