Tuesday, October 18, 2005

The Policy of Turkification of Iran

Some of the main points on the "The policy of Turkification of Iran" is described here:

  • "Iran is not a tribal country anymore, We are a beautiful Azeri Turk Iranian Nation" "Iranian means Azeri Turk" "Iranian and Persian and Azrei Turk are the same people"
  • "Only Mongols Live in Khorasan" refers to IRI policy of sending all Hazara Afghan refugees into Khorasan.
  • "People in Fars province look like Africans" or "Persians have left Iran" "No more Persians in Fars" " We are all Iranians" "Persians are the Parsis in India and they are Indians now"
  • "Original Aryan Persians actually live in Gilan" "Aryans are only in Iran because Cyrus the Great the king of Persia said so." "Persian Aryans have long noses, olive brown skin and curly black hair."" Persians aryans can not be distinguished from Arabs or Turks" "German ideal Aryans look vastly different from original aryans in Iran." "Persian aryans are mixed with Gypsies, Africans and arabs" "President Ahmadinejad is a good example of a Persian Aryan."
  • "Kurds are Persians"
  • "Persians and Azeri turks are the same people because AzeriTurks and Kurds are the same people "
  • "Everybody in Iran is mixed up. There are no ethnic groups in Iran." "There is a lot of interracial marriage in Iran" "Persians prefer to marry Azeri Turks."
  • "You can not recognize people by how they look. You need to refer to documents and links to prove the ethnicity"
  • "Persians have big noses and dark skin and look like Arabs"
  • "Anybody mention Persians, he is a Nazist"
  • "Persian is only a language. There are no such people in Iran"
  • "Azeri Turks are of Iranian race and speak Irani language" (there is no Iranian race and there is no Irani language)
  • "Azeri turks are all over Iran" "Azeri Turks are looking for Jobs. That is why they moved to some small city in Lorestan" "Azeri Turks are looking for jobs in other provinces because of poverty" "Reality Check: Azerbaijan has the lowest employment among all provinces"
  • "Massive movement of Azeri Turks into Khuzestan"
  • "Massive and priority investment on 'Tourism' to Bakhtiary and Lor tribal areas" (There is nothing to see there for 'tourist' except some tribe who live there)
  • "massive investment on marriage funds" (No money for workers who have not been paid in 6 months!)
  • "An American article describes that US is aiming at "Cleansing Persians from Iran""
  • "According to DNA 'Research' by the Univeristy of Chicago, Iranians are Turks"
  • Mr. Ahmadinejad plan to move on a massive scale all Persians and other ethnic groups from rural areas to cities. This is estimated to be 27% of Iran's population. Azeri Turk regime policy for Turkification of Iran does not work in Rural areas. It can only work in big cities.
  • The life styles of urban Azarbaijanis do not differ from those of Persians, and there is considerable intermarriage among the upper classes in cities of mixed populations. Similarly, customs among Azarbaijani villagers do not appear to differ markedly from those of Persian villagers.( Quote According to Wikipedia Azeri Turks are the same people with the same culture as Persians!!!!!. Also there is a lot intermarriage between "Azeris" and other "Azeris" who are arbitarily called "Persians". Just a reminder that Tehran is %70 Azeri Turks.)
  • Some uneducated Moslems are running the government in Iran. We need educated Moslems to run a secular Iran and we also need democracy and better relations with US. That is the problem in Iran. We Iranian love each other. (Oslonor: This was the MTV version of politics in Iran spread by Azeri supporters of the regime. Azeri Turks have executed more than 200.000 people in Iran and they are still stoning people. The number of their crimes is not even countable. Contrary to common belief Iran is actually a democracy and you can not get any better democracy than this with Azeri Turks.)

I will list some of their policies in Iran and as research continues more items will be added.
  1. Growth of Tehran: Concentration of Economic Resources in the Capital Tehran. Tehran has 12 million population and its population is increasing on a daily basis. This is a growth of %1200 from 1 million to 12 million since the fall of Shah. All modern European countries decentralize the resources to cut down on pollution and increase economic activity in provinces. Iran under 8 years of War with Iraq urgently needed to spread out resources in order to minimize military damage to sensitive resources. Despite the military requirements the growth of population in Tehran has continued. At the same time the difference in income levels between Tehran and provinces have widened.
  2. Afghan Refugee Policy: Under Khatami administration only Hazaras who are descendents of mongol turks were officially accepted as refugees. The other Persian speaking and non-Turkish afghan refugees were denied admission. Also note that they set up the Afghan refugee camps in outskirsts of Tehran. More appropriate would have been to setup refugee camps in Khorasan bordering Afghansitan as similar people live on both sides of the border and not in Tehran where the Azeri Turks who have no cultural or ethnic connection with afghans are a majority. For a Persian an Afghan is 100 times more respectable than an Azeri Turk Iranian. This upsets Azeris. So Azeri ruling regime in Tehran carry out systematic propoganda against Afghan refugees living in Iran and calling them criminals and thiefs. The Azeri regime tries to create conflicts between Persians and Afghans by any means possible. Foreign sponsors of Azeri turks also tell afghans that there are no Persians in Iran and all Iranians are "Iranians" meaning that they are Azeri Turks and there are no other ethnic groups in Iran besides Azeri Turks. On CSPAN one of the Washington experts on Afghanistan described the success in their policies and declared that Afghans are Arabs. What these experts mean by this is they do not want anybody in Iran and Afghanistan to be able to claim a historical Aryan heritage or look like an Aryan. Their agenda is all these people are either Arabs or Turks and should look like either an Arab or a Turk. This would make their job easier as they could easily use racism to control or isolate these people from North Americans and Europeans. It is more difficult to use racism against people who look like Europeans.
  3. Promoting ethnic tensions specially with Arabs and Kurds: This policy is a cover to promote Azeri Nationalism and representing Azeris as true Persian nationalist. The events in Khuzestan and Kurdistan is a confirmation of these policies. The Azeri regime in Tehran is looking for another "Great Satan" to replace US. "Arabs are the Great Satan" is a good replacemnt. Currently supporters of Azeri nationalism are making a lot of noise about the "The Superiority of the Aryan Race over the Arabs" in order to distract attention from Azeri Nationalism. Recent Bomb explosions in the city of Ahwas by government agents in South West oil province is another indication of this scheme. The real Arabs are Azeris themselves as alien elements who are both racially and culturally different from the native people of Iran.
  4. Moving Azeris to Khuzestan: Plans to move Azeris into the Oil Province in Khuzestan. The content of the letter outlining this policy was leaked out from President Khatami's office to the Iranian domestic mass media. According to some reports there is one million Azeris in southern Iran. The plan was to move out native Arabs from Khuzestan and move in Azeris into oil province Khuzestan. The Azeri regime backed out after protests by native arabs in Khuzestan. The other major target is the Caspian region in Gilan and Mazandaran. The major bottleneck is the housing shortage. So the Azeri Turk regime in Tehran confiscates land to build houses but call it a different name such as land needed to build Univeristy. Housing is needed to move Azeri Turks into the Caspian region. Major clashes has been reported between the regime and the local citizens in the Caspian region on the question of land. See Below for clashes in Caspian.
  5. Moving the Natives into Azerbaijan: The policy of producing the "Iranian Race" includes also moving the natives of Iran into Azerbaijan.
  6. Moving the Capital Tehran to Mashhad in Khorasan: Plans to move the capital from Tehran to Mashhad. Mashhad is the capital of the biggest Persian speaking province Khorasan with 6 million population which borders Afghanistan. This plan includes moving several million Azeris into Khorasan. Articles have appeared in Iranian press on this subject. It has been opposed by the Persian clergy in Mashhad. Another plan was to divide Khorasan into 20 provinces in order to weaken it as a base of resistance for the Persian clergy. But they succeeded in 2004 to divide Khorasan into three provinces: southern Khorasan and Northern Khorasan and central Khorasan. Other Schemes to move Turks is moving many Mongol Turkish Hazaras Afghan refugees into Khorasan and moving Afghan Dari Speaking Tajiks refugees to Azeri Turk controlled Tehran. Also a campaign by Azeri Turks sponsored satelite TV in US against the family of Ayatollah Waiz Tabasi who runs the Persian clergy establishment in Mashhad has started in US. Azeris claim that Mr. Tabasi is in financial trouble and mismanages the religious foundations and also he is an American agent seeking US citizenship!!! Mr. Tabasi is a very high level religous figure and the religous foundation in Mashhad is 1000 years old. One of the most important shrines of Islam is located in Mashhad bordering Afghanistan. Also Ayatollah Sistani the religious leader of Iraq is from Mashhad in Iran.

  7. Here is link to Ayatollah Waiz Tabasi website

  8. Tourist Attraction as a cover for Ayranization of Azeri Turks: Another scheme devised by Azeri Turks is create "Tourist Centers" in Persian areas. Of all places in Iran, Azeri Turks regime in Tehran have allocated money to create a "Tourist center" in Bakhtiary and Lorestan. This area is one of the ancient centers of Persian civilization in south west Iran. And there is nothing there to visit for "Tourist" except some Persian Bakhtiary and Lor tribes. Azeris are planning to use this "Tourist centers" as a cover so Azeris can move into these areas for Ayranization purposes.
  9. Having studied Urban Development at the University of Science in Tehran, Ahmadi-Nejad has started drawing up plans to relocate 25 million rural residents to existing urban centers to facilitate less costly provision of "utilities and services". (Grandiose Stalinist or Hitlerian methods, exhibiting simplistic disregard of unintended consequences and social side effects or a Project for Aryanization of Azeri Turks.).
  10. Azeri civil servants to Provinces: Sending Azeris civil servants into different provinces and replacing local employees with Azeris.
  11. Anti-Persian Campaign:The campaign against Persian Chauvinism is a cover to promote Azeri nationalism. The Republic of Azerbaijan has started programs on Persian Satelite channels to help their partners in Iran with their campaign. What is interesting is very little Azeri is spoken on these channels despite that it is controlled by The Republic of Azerbaijan and they constantly complain about lack of Azeri language programs. Most of the programs are in Persian. The purpose is mainly to convince Persians of their Persian Chauvinism. Under normal conditions, nationalist tv's address only their own ethnic people such as Azeris and not the people they call oppressors.
  12. Affirmative Action for Azeris: Promoting and accepting Azeris into univeristies on a priority basis. (Similar to affirmative action for blacks in US).
  13. Selling of Persian Girls: Smuggling the Persian girls into neighboring arab countries and selling them into sex slavery for Arabs and rich Azeris living in Dubai. Another market was Pakistan. The current price is 5000 dollars. This is mostly organized by Azeris gangs who operate with the authority's approval. On this subject even the other Azeri groups in the government have protested. This was a major issue on the last presidential election between the two main Azeri factions running for president in Iran on August 2005. Azeri gangs primary purpose had been to make money on this trade. But the foreign sponsors of these gangs had more political objectives. That is to destroy the Persian heritage of Iran and creating an azeri turk Iran devoid of any historical significance. The same sponsors were following the same objectives in Afghanistan with Taliban regime and in Russia.This is a racial warfare carried out by those who are trying to eliminate those people who they consider as their enemy. Al Gore was the main sponsor of these schemes. For a description of these Azeri Schemes,

  14. Click here for: Al Gore and Racism

  15. Transfering the Oil income to Azerbaijan and Tehran. Both Kurds and Arabs and others have always complained about the lack of resources in Kurdistan and Khuzestan and the abundance of resources for Azeris in Tehran. Azerbaijan has the lowest unemployment rate in Iran.
  16. The Murder of Persian Nationalist:The murder of Mr. Dariush Forohar the leader of Pan Iranian Party and his wife for opposing the Turkification policies by the agents of government. This has been admitted even by the government of Iran and they even held trials for the members of the security apparatus. This also led to demonstrations by the people.
  17. Azeri Elite Culture: According to Western Media, Azeri elite such as Mr. Rafsanjani is telling ordinary people that they should go to mosques and live a religous life and the west is corrupt but they themselves send their children to western countries for education and buy real estate in those countries. Their representatives in west as reported on Exile Iranian Mass Media claim that the "Islamic liberals" have the same status and rights as all Iranian refugees in the west and they are in peacefull competition with them to get favors and live a "good life" in western countries. They also claim that Iranian refugees in west are jealous for these "Islamic Liberals" because they have good financial situation. Hypocracy, lack of honesty is the salient feature of Azeri elite culture i.e. Khatami and Rafsanjani. This is opposed to the Persian Aryan culture which places a high value for honesty and nobility.
  18. All Iranians are Opposed: Both ordinary Azeris and other Iranians are opposed to these policies organized by some groups in power. The plan by these groups to turn Iran into Yugoslavia will fail.
  19. Massive Immigration of Azeris into other Provinces: The massive immigration of Azeris into Tehran and other provinces in the search of "Jobs" is an official policy by the government in order to strenghten its base of support and spreading it to other parts of the country. It also provide a base for spying network on ordinary citizens. Azeris are the most loyal segment of the population for the Tehran government. It also accomplishes its racial mixing policies ordered by foreign backers. According to many sources the provinces of Gilan and Mazandran and Khuzestan has seen a lot of immigration by Azeris. It seems these provinces have been specially targeted for turkification policies in its early stages. The fact that Azeris have been moved into different parts of the country is clearly and proudly stated by their US based satelite TV stations. No viewer has asked the host of these programs on Azeri TV's what business Azeris have in other provinces? It is clear that the movement of Azeris into other provinces is the base for the formation of Azeri gangs in all parts of the country where they can carry out the kidnapping of Persian girls and moving them to Dubai and Pakistan for sex slavery. According to media reports in Russia Jewish groups have extensively used Azeris for the formation of criminal gangs involving in murder and extortion. Also to justify their policies, they have started their own so called "research" showing that almost all provinces in Iran are actually Turkish provinces. This ranges from the Turkish Khorasan province to Turkish Fars province to turkish Gilan and Mazandran province etc. If that is not enough, they want even to unite with the Republic of Azerbaijan in order to bring even more Azeri Turks into Iran and strenghten the Turkish faction within the Azeri Regime in Iran. These policies have been tried in US where Afro-Americans are moved into different states for political and racial reasons.

  20. See my blog on Louis Farrakhan and blowing up the levees in New Orleans.

  21. Murder of Zoarastrians: Zoarastrian is an ancient Persian religion for Persians only. This religion has no claim to be a universal religion for the people of the world and it should be respected for its tenets. It also has no claim to be a religion for Azeris who have never been Zoarastrian in history and Azeris are not Persians. But Azeris are trying to destroy this anceint Persian religion. The Azeris gangs running Iranian government are involved in the murder of the prominent Iranian traditional Zoarastrian leaders. The latest murder was in France. On May 2005, Dr Kasra Vafadari – Chair of Iranian History and Religions Before Islam at the University of Paris, an active member of the Iranian Zoroastrian community and previous head of the Zoroastrian Association in Iran has been found dead in his Paris apartment. Azeri nationalist also have setu up a "liberal Zoarastrian" religion competing with the traditional Zoarastrian communities. The "liberal Zoarastrians" believe that they should accept african-americans as their members. Azaris join these "Liberal Zoarastrians" despite that they have never Zoarastrians and pretend that they are Persian Zoarastrians from ancient times. The traditional Zoarstrians believe that only Persians can be Zoarastrian. According to some reports the "Liberal Zoarastrians" in California are planning to register a religious minority category called Persians. These people are supposed to be the ones who believe in Zoarastrianism "liberal Style". Under this category african-americans and Azeris would be called Persians, but the real persians would be classified as non-Persians or under the Iranian Category. This is a general strategy to devalue the term "Persian" as the inheritor of an ancient civilization.
  22. Saffavid Turks as the ancestors of Today's Azeri regime in Tehran: Saffavids Azeri Turks in 16 century were the ancestors of today's azeri turk regime in Tehran and they also killed millions of Zoarstrians in Iran in 15 and 16 century. The foundation of today's regime with Shiaism and Moslem ideology with clergy running the state is based in the Saffavids regime from the 16 century.
  23. Turk Administration in Iran: The following is the list of Turk regimes in Iran Seljukid Empire (1037–1187)
    Khwarezmid dynasty (1077–1231)
    Ilkhanate (1256–1353)
    Muzaffarid dynasty (1314–1393)
    Chupanid dyansty (1337–1357)
    Jalayerid dynasty (1339–1432)
    Timurid Empire (1370–1506)
    Qara Qoyunlu Turcomans (1407–1468)
    Aq Qoyunlu Turcomans (1378–1508)
    Safavid dynasty (1501–1722/1736)
    Afsharid dynasty (1736–1802)
    Qajar 1800-1900
    Islamic Republic (1979-Soon will be over)
  24. Iranian Government Leaders are Azeri Turks: Practically all leaders of Iranian government are Azeri Turks. Khamnei The Supreme Leader: Azeri, Rafsanjani Former President: Uzbek, Khatami Former President: Azeri, Ahmadinejad President: Azeri etc. The only non-Azeri high ranking official was Ayatollah Khomeini. After his death his son Ahmad was murdered by agents of government and his grandson fled to Iraq. Also the non-Azeri successor to Ayatullah Khomeini, Ayatollah Montazari has been under house arrest for more than 20 years because of policy differences with the Azeri ruling gangs. Even Azeri elite clergy such as Ayatollah Shariatmadari who was opposed to Azari regime in Tehran were put under house arrest for the rest of his life.
  25. Taliban Crimes in Afghanistan: Al Gore and Co. are the foreign backer of these Azeri nationalist in Iran. Al Gore was the main sponsor of Taliban in Afghanistan and they are responsible for all the crimes committed against the people of Afghanistan. The racial policies of Azeri nationalist are sponsored by Liberal Jews and they have the same policy in both Europe and US. It has led into social breakdown in Europe. The riots in France confirms this.
  26. Azeri Alliances: Azeris are internationaly allied with Liberal Jews in the democratic party and Afro-Americans in US. You can see Azeri and Afro-American alliance in the Los Angles based Exile Iranian entertainment industry. Gogoosh has Afro-Americans as prominent members of her orchestra when appearing in concerts in US. Also Afro-Americans appear often for a reason or no reason on Azeri sponspored TV stations in US. Also Iranian forums are flooded by African Americans advertising for dating with Iranians.
  27. Destroying Persian Identity:Azeris turks are given leading jobs in Iranian mass media based in Los Angeles by their backers. These azeri "leading" mass media journalists promote Azeri identity as Persian identity. Azeris do not look like Persians and so to cover up their identity Azeris claim all Persians are mixed with Arabs because of Arab invasion of Persia in 6 century. One of these Azeri figures has repeatedly stated on the Iranian satelite channels that the reason he looks like Afro-Arabians is because he is Persian and mixed with Arabs because of Arab invasion in 6 century AD. He does not mention that he is Azeri and not Persian and he looks like his Seljuk Ancestors and not because of Arabs invasion of Persia. Moreover his ancestors were not even in Persia at the time of Arab invasion. Arabs have DNA gene marker EU10 Haplogroup. That defines a person as an Arab. Iranians do not have this gene marker. Furthermore Azeris media personalities try to present an Iranian as somebody has no cultural values and is mostly looking for money and pursuing some selfish interests and has extremely inferiority complex. Azeri Turks claim that Persian is only a language and there are no Persians in Iran. All citizens of Iran are Iranian and they belong to some "unkown race" called "The Iranian Race". Azeri Turks are the "prominent members of this race".

  28. Click here for : "Are There Persians in Iran?.

  29. Jews are spending a lot of money producing music videos with Azeri Turks presenting them as the "New Iranians" who copy African-american music and Hip Hop culture.

  30. Click here for: Frauds on Aryans

  31. Islamization or Arabization is actually Turkification: Many people misunderstand the process of Turkification and think Iran is undergoing an arabization policy. The reality is Turkification of Iran is carried out under the banners of Islamization. That is to deny the ethnic identity of native Persians and replacing it with Azeri interpretation of Islamic identity. The same process is going on in Pakistan where Pashtoons are being Pakistanized in Waziristan and other areas with use of force under the banners of Islamization. Pashtoons are told that Islam does not allow any ethnic identity and to be Pashtoon is not allowed in Islam.
  32. Azeri Nationalism a dead-end ideology: Azeri nationalism is a dead-end ideology and will lead nowhere. The Azeri nationalist agenda declared by them officially that they want "Aryanise the The Azeri Turks into Aryans by mixing Azeris with Persians" is a dead end ideology. The Azeri nationalist in power in Iran are not able to change the DNA of Azeris no matter what they do. Even the mixed race Azeris are still Azeris and will not turn into Aryans. This policy of assimiliation has already been carried out in The Republic of Azerbaijan and is similar to the Pan-Turkist ideology in Turkey where they do not recognize any ethnic group beside Turks and they have committed crimes against Armenians and Kurds.

  33. Click here for "Azeri Question in Iran".

  34. Azeri Nationalist Slogans: Pan-Iranism:The more Azeri nationalist lose their momentum, the more desperate slogans they promote. Their latest slogans are "To purify Iran by eliminating Arabs and Turkomens". Similar things they have done in Turkey with murder of Armenians and Kurds. The slogan of Pan-Iranism is the same version of Pan-Turkism only under a different name. Pan-Iranism means to these people that all Persians should be assimilated into Azeri Turks. They present this as eliminatation of the turkish race or "Aryanization of Azeri turks into Aryans" in Iran. This would be called the Iranian race. Consequently the Azeri nationalist can hide under Iranian label and call themselves an Iranian race. In reality Iranian is not a race but it points to all ethnic groups in Iran. These Azeris misuse the label of Iranian to mean there is an Iranian race. Another method used by these people is to promote racism against other ethnic groups such as Arabs and Turcomans. Azeris claim Medes and Persians as their ancestors. It is ok with Azeris to direct racism against other minorities but it is not ok to direct racism against Azeris themselves. In this Pan Azeri Video, Azeris claim only half of Turkey as Azeris claim that they are not turks.Anatolian Turks are very lucky as Azeris claim all of Turkey if they say that they are turks.

  35. Click here for "Pan-Azeri" Empire video.

  36. The Azeri Iranian Race Theory: Iranians are a very mixed people. The words Azeri, Persian and so on in Iran only refer to the language spoken. Not really ethnicity. To talk about half Azeri-half Persian is absolutely meaningless in Iran, because everybody is mixed! If a person talks Persian, he is considered a Persian! Just because of their inferiority complexes. They think if they claim that Persians are Aryans, and different from "lower people" Turks and Arabs, then the Westerners will not treat them as Turks and Arabs!!!!!!!!!!Almost every typical Iranian extended family has individuals who are Persian, Turkish, Kurdish, Gilaki, Lori and Arab speaking. The same thing is correct about a typical Iranian, If you don't know, that a typical Iranian is also a mixture of Persian,Greek,Arab,Turkish,Indian,African,Mongol and so on. Oslonor: This was Azeri Race theory for Iran. The Kurds and Lors and Bakhtiaris who speak Kurdish, Lori and Bakhtiary are really Kurds, Bakhtiarys and Lors. They are not Azeris who speak these languages. There is no mythical Iranian who speak different languages as Azeris claim. Language is not ethnicity and if an Azeri speak Persian , Azeris do not turn into Persians. Persians or Kurds who speak Persian or Kurdish are related to Persian and Kurdish phenotypes. Otherwise an Indian speaking English would be regarded as British according to Azeri theory. On the question of inferiority complex, it is actually the opposite. Persians as I have posted their pictures do not have inferiority complex with Europeans. The reason is that they look like Europeans. On the other hand Azeris who do not look like Europeans have inferiority complex with Europeans and they claim they are Persians so they be regarded as Aryans and Europeans even when they do not look like Europeans. Also from your comments it is clear that you do not even believe your own theories about Persians and Azeris are the same people. You talk about Persians in third person ( They believe). So you clearly think that Persians are they, and you are an Azeri separate from Persians.

  37. More Azeri Theories on Persians Click Here.

  38. Are Azeris Persians or Kurds?: The Azeri nationalist claim that Azeris are Persians or Medes (kurds) but speak Turkish language. They also claim that they originate from Medes. The reason is that they want to carry out their policies under the banner of Pan-Iranism. There are two problems with this theory. First the Azeris do not look like Persians or Kurds. Secondly, the seljuck Turks who are the ancestors of Azeris ruled over the whole Persia. Why the rest of Iran not speaking Azeri language if they impose it on Persia? Why Kurds are not speaking Azeri language? The remnants of Talish persian speaking minority in Azerbaijan is precisely the proof that Seljuk Turks did not impose Azeri language. Of course those who had Azeri language as their native language spoke Azeri not because it was imposed, but because it was their native language. Not only Seljuk Turks did not impose Azeri language but they even adopted Persian language is the language of the Elite of Seljuks.
  39. No Azeris Turks in Afghanistan: There are no Azeri Turks in Afghanistan. This shows that Azeri Turks are not native to this region. All other natives of Iran are some way related to ethnic groups in Afghanistan.
  40. Are Turks Mongols?: Azeris claim that Turks look like Mongols similar to Uzbeks. Azeris are "Caucasian" whatever that means. Therefore Azeris are not really turks. Actually some mongolian tribes have adopted the turkish language but in reality ethnically they are not turks. Mongols are Mongols and they are not Turks. The real turks are the Azeris. This is even clear in central asia. The Kazaks are the union of the Turk and Mongol tribes, who lived on the territory of the modern Kazakhstan approximately in the first century B.C., were the forebears of Kazakhs. This clearly shows that Mongols are not really turks.
  41. Pan-Turkism and Russians: Actually the whole fraud and falsifications about the nature of Azeri Turks were invented in the Soviet Union in 1930's under Stalin. The reason is Soviet Union feared Pan-Turkism and invented a separate identity for each ethnic group who spoke Turkish in Caucaus and central asia. Azeris became "Iranian" and central asians became sogdians and baktrians. This propoganda was adopted by some Azeris in Iran such as Kasravi and promoted in Iran. All of the propoganda were lies. Azeris are Turks. Today Azeri Turk ruling elite is using this propoganda to present itself with the label of "Iranian" tribe and continue the plunder of resources from the natives of Iran.
  42. Azeri Turks claim that a Persian and an Azeri Turk are the same people: This is a claim by Azeri Turks from Tehran. The reason for this claim is that %70 of Tehran population are Azeri Turks. Some people are arbitarily called Persian and some are called Azeri turks. In reality all of them are Azeri Turks. There three ways to tell apart a Persian from Azeri Turk. 1. appearance. 2. language. 3. Culture. As Azeri Turks do not understand Persian culture they imagine once they can speak fluent Persian language, then they are Persians. Only natives of Iran can tell the difference between the culture of an Azeri turk and a Persian.
  43. Azeris High-Tech Stealth Technology: Azeri Turks never state their origin. Azeri Turks are usually from Azerbaijan or Tehran. But they always state their origin as Mashhad, Shomali, Shiraz and recently Khuzestan. Just to make it more credible some of them even learn the name of a few streets in case somebody asks for verification of their origin. This technology is based to name the Persian areas as their origin so that they are identified as Persians. They always state they are mixed with somebody like Kurds, Persians etc. They are never mixed with Baluchs!!!! Also sometimes instead of answering the question about their ethnicity, they claim instead that they have a Persian wife!!!!! This is as if they have adopted the ethnicity of their wife!!!! By Persian they mean the core Persians or the Aryan Persians which is a very small minority in Iran, probably not more than 15% of the population and which do not live anywhere close to these Azeri Turks. As more and more people become aware of these Azeri Turk tactics, some of them have dropped these methods and just say that forget about ethnicity and we are all mixed with Mongols and Arabs and there are no Persians in Iran and we are all "Iranians"!!!!! The second trend avoids any mention of Persia, Persians or the Persian language instead talks about Iran, Iranian and Irani language. The reason is the word Persian introduces a lot of complications which Azeris can not deal with and the whole scheme can easily crash. The current regime of Mr. Ahmadi is supporting this second trend.
  44. Persian Chauvanism?: The Republic of Azerbaijan claims that Persians are chauvanist and are oppressing Azeris. They also claim Persians are running Iran. The Azeri nationalist in power in Iran claim that Azeris are oppressed and we should help Azeris out of this oppression. These two factions work together behind the scenes. Also this is a comment by an Azeri natioanlist:
  45. Persian Separatism: The natives of Iran are gaining ethnic identity and waking up from a sleep that have lasted 400 years since the Saffavids Azeri Turks in 16 century. Articles have appeared calling for separation of mainland Iran from the Azerbaijan and Azeri Turkish areas. Here is an Article:

  46. Why should Azerbaijan secede and become independent?

  47. Comments by an Azeri Nationalist: "I would like to thank very much oslonor for sharing with us his filthy Persian rascism. At least he doesn't hide behind the veil of Islam or Shiasm. My personal opinion is that Azerbaijan should join back to Iran, thats where they belong. They need to be Shiafied from Russian influence. With them joining Iran, Azeris would become the majority group in Iran, and they deserve to rule.Oslonor Comments: They are actually ruling today and they have created a disaster.
  48. Non-Racism in Iran: One of the reasons that Iran is a completely non-racist society, unlike India where they have caste system or US is the structure of Iranian population. Every ethnic group lives in a separate province. Persians in South and North East and Azeris in North West. That is how every ethnic group has maintained its identity for thousands of years. The Azeri regime policies will lead to a completely racist society where people will be judged on the color of their skin and how much Persian or Azeri heritage the mixed race people will exhibit. It will reproduce the American society in Iran complete with racism and its divisions. The Azeri policies will lead to Azeris ending up as second class citizens and will promote racism against Azeris by other ethnic groups. Also most Anti-Arab propoganda by Azeris is to cover up the similarities of Azeri Turkish facial features with Arabs even though Azeris are not related to Arabs in anyway.
  49. Are Qashqais Azeris?:Azeris claim Qashqai tribes in Fars province are Azeris and they speak a dialect of Azeri language. Wikepedia confirms these claims too. Actually Qashqaii tribes have nothing to do with Azeris. They are a tribe of Persians and local Turks who have adopted a turkish language. Many of them look Persian but speak a turkish language unrelated to Azeri language. In addition to Qashqaiis, Azeris claim that Bakhtiaris tribes have immigrated to Persia from Lebanon and they are somehow related to Azeris. To make things even more confused Wikepedia claims that nationalist Prime minister. Mossadeq was a Persian Bakhtiary. Actually Mr. Mossadeq was an Azeri belonging to Qajar dynasty. Also Wikepedia claims that Shirin Ebadi the Nobel Prize Winner is Persian. Actually she is a famous Azeri. All these claims are attempts to make the line of demarcation between a Persian and an Azeri unclear and support Azeri theories about some mythical Iranian race that they are a member of.
  50. Azeri Race: The Azeri sponsors in West claim Azeris belong to two races depending on which country they are in. They are Armenoid race in The Republic of Azerbaijan and Irano-Afghan race in Iran. That sounds a new innovation in science where race is determined by location.
  51. Azeri Nationality Policy: Azeris claim that the existence of different nationalities and races in Iran are pure fantasy. The only race in Iran is an Iranian race which they are member. There are no other races in Iran. That is why other ethnic groups should avoid using Iranian as this label is misused by Azeris. They should identify themselves as Persian-Iranians or Kurdish-Iranians. Iranian is associated with an Azeri Turk phenotype outside Iran.
  52. TV Shows as Tools of Propoganda:Azeri Turkish regime in Tehran is producing films and TV shows about ethnic cleansing in Yougaslavia as if that was a great problem in Iran. The purpose of these shows is to convince people of advantages of mixing Azeri population with Persian population and the policy of moving Azeris into different parts of the country. Another theme that they use in their films is Persian girls should leave their tribe or village and come to Tehran and marry Azeri Turks. Most of the films are about how to break down the traditional resistance and culture of ethnic Persians not to marry their daughters to alien ethnic groups such as Azeri Turks. In these films Azeris use their money and their "education" as a leverage to force these traditional people to allow their daughters marry into multi-racial marriages. Other films that they produce is to convince parents and grand parents of Persians to move to Tehran so their children be willing to move to Tehran. Another film that they have produced uses some Iranians of African origin who were brought to southern Port city of Bushehr in 15 century. There are over 1000 of these people in Bushehr. The film is completely alien to Persian culture. The story of the film and the conversations and even many of the actors do not like Iranian at all. The purpose of the film is mostly to impose American Issues such as African American situation with racial discrimination on a completely different country and history such as Iran. The people financing this film are trying to impose the Jewish liberal agenda in US on Iran. That is to call Persians racist and to mislead and distract attention from Nazi policies of Azeri Turks in Iran. Also most of the programs on the Iranian TV broadcasts from Tehran is stage managed. The only people who are shown on TV is the Azeri phenotypes. This is despite that Iran has more than 10 different ethnic groups with their own languages in Iran.
  53. Azeri Turks New Ethnic identity: As the Azeri regime in Tehran is running into problems selling Azeri Turks as natives of Iran, they have started to manufacture a new identity for Azeri Turks. Recently the Azeri controlled Rangarang Satelite TV is broadcasting some strange music group. These are Azeri Turks who have dressed in some strange white "traditional clothes" invented by Azeri regime, and shows a group of 25 people playing very hard on some Persian music instruments and displaying that they are in a state of trance. They are supposed to be some kind "sufi mystic". Under normal conditions nobody is allowed to have a deviant religion such as mysticism. But these people are given the best performing arts centers in Tehran and are promoted as the new "Iranians" with true "Islamic beliefs". These people showing "trance state faces" with their "traditional" clothing are all inventions of Azeri Turk regime in Tehran which is trying to manufacture a new culture of "Islamic Nationalism" selling Azeri Turks as "Islamic Sufis". This is Mr. Ahmadinejad new policy of "Islamic nationalism".

  54. Azeri Population: Azeris are estimated to be around 35 to 40 million people in Iran. Also note that Azeri nationalist always underestimate the number of Azeris in Iran in order to hide behind Iranian label. Azeris are 8 million in The Republic of Azerbaijan.
  55. Turkish Provinces in Iran: Azeri nationalist have started to claim most of the Persian provinces as Turkish. It ranges from Fars to Khorasan to Mazandran etc. These are political claims and not scholary research results. Here is the list of their websites:

    1. http://astara-enzeli-az.blogspot.com/
    2. http://qezvin-az.blogspot.com/
    3. http://hemedan-az.blogspot.com/
    4. http://bicar-qorve-az.blogspot.com/
    5. http://sonqur-az.blogspot.com/
    6. http://merkezi-az.blogspot.com/
    7. http://qum-az.blogspot.com/
    8. http://xelec-turk.blogspot.com/
    9. http://savucbulaq-shehriyar-islamshehr-az.blogspot.com/
    10. http://mazandaran-turk.blogspot.com/
    11. http://isfahan-tr.blogspot.com/
    12. http://luristan-tr.blogspot.com/
    13. http://arabistan-tr.blogspot.com/
    14. http://fars-turk.blogspot.com/
    15. http://elxan.blogspot.com/
    16. http://kerman-tr.blogspot.com/

An "Aryan" Azeri Style


therichjerk101 said...
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South Azarbaijan said...

our day will come

Abundant Universe said...
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Emily Santiago said...
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Anonymous said...

death to pan-turkism.

Anonymous said...

fuck you asshole

death to pan-turanists

Anonymous said...


fuck you oslonor.

Anonymous said...

oslonor, you western agent, you will not succeed into dividing us. long live azeris of iran, long live iran, long live all iranians.

death to our enemies.

and that includes you oslonor and your cia backers.

Anonymous said...

For know how really are your foolish comments are,read this page:


Anonymous said...

long live iran, marg bar doshmanane mun, marg bar amrika, marg bar israel.

Hellektor said...

Hello Oslonor,

Your article "The Policy of Turkification of Iran" is interesting, however there are some points that are confusing to the readers who see any of your articles for the first time.

For instance: I don't really understand whether you are for or against racial supremacy.
(I won't quote from the article in order not to make this too long).

I cannot get it whether you like or dislike that Persia is called Iran.

To the point.

As I get it, you are against pan-turkism. I as an Armenian belong to an ethnicity who has suffered the most from this diabolical ideology, not to speak 9 centuries of utter subjugation and torture under the cloven hoofs of this unnaturally cruel lot.

These are my suggestions to you and I hope this will also reach all the Iranians who want to cut the intruding paws of the gray wolves who want to disintegrate our beautiful Iran.

A quick historical introduction seems unavoidable, because I am very annoyed that these obvious truths are never pointed out:

It's interesting that you point to the article From Nonsense to Nationhood by Vahan H., because it clearly explains that "Azeri" and fake "Azerbaijan" are in fact nonsense.

It is possible to counter the gray wolf propaganda if there's a will from the part of the Iranian government (no matter the system).

Just as Greece protested against the use of the term Macedonia for the ex-Yugoslav republic, Iran can also sue the "Azeri" government and prohibit the use of the Persian (Arabized into Adherbijan/Azarbaijan) word Aturpatekan by these descendants of Oghuz-Turkmen nomadic tribes. Think of international tribunals for instance.

Of course the things as they are make this seem impossible.
The Zionist owners of this world may not want to listen. But politics change.
If there's a will there's a way.
This will be the most devastating blow to pan-turkism and will shut them up for a long time.

It is clear that a nation called "Azeri" has never existed throughout history, it's also no secret that the Iranians have always been tolerant.

To say the Turkish speaking people of Iran are in fact Turks (you use the term "Azeri" which fuels their bogus argument), is unfair to say the least.

Of course "conquerors" impose their languages on the "conquered" peoples, even though these are much more civilized than the barbaric invaders.

Just think about the Turkified peoples of Western Armenia and Asia Minor.

You say yourself that language doesn't define racial identity, therefore Turkish speaking Iranians should not be confused with the leftovers of Aq Quyunlu-Qara Quyunlu tent-dwelling, cattle-herder, primitive bandits who were promoted to Tatars after the Russians took control of the region in the 19th century, and through a "metamorphosis" became "Azeris" after 1918.

They also pretend they are the descendants of the long extinct people the Aghvank (Arran). They like to call them "Albanians" but it is better not to use this term, because tomorrow Kosovars for instance are going to claim Yerevan (not "Azeri" land of course!)

The fact that the Medes and the Aghvank were distinctly two differnt nations is undeniable, therefore the "Azeri" claim to both Medes (the ancestors of the real Azarbaijanis) and Aghvank, who disappeared long before the Oghuz rape of the region are complete baloney.

So much for now. I paste a summary of the "history" of this bogus nation that I use in Armenian forums below:

"Azeri" History for Dummies

"Azerbaijan" is an artificially created "country" on Armenian territory as a result of an artificial insemination between the Turkish phallus and Russian Bolshevik anus.

When this Frankenstein monster was dumped from the Bolshevik rectum, they stole the name of their fake country from the northwest region of Iran and no one protested except some patriotic Iranians who were willing to give up their 2200 right to the name Azarbaijan (Aturpatekan) and call it Azadestan in order not to be associated with the fake "nation"

Then, this fictitious newly fabricated “nation” called itself “Azeri”, a nation that has NEVER existed throughout human history thus, a non-entity.

They were called Tatars before 1918 and that was after the region fell under Russian rule in the 19th century. Before that these tribal nomads distinguished one another from the color of their sheep.

Azari is a term used by Arab historians to describe the LANGUAGE of the people of real Azarbaijan (Aturpatekan), north-west of Iran and ALWAYS south of the Arax River. It was a language of the PERSIAN family of languages called Pahlavi. The dialect spoken in Aturpatekan was called Pahlavi e Azari, to distinguish it from other Pahlavi dialects. Later when the people of Aturpatekan were forced to become speakers of Turkish, the word Azari was wrongly attributed to the Turkish dialect of these people, AND NEVER TO THE PEOPLE THEMSELVES.

Later, after a passionate copulation between the Jew-Tatar Kemal and the Jew-Tatar Lenin, the Armenian provinces of Artsakh and Nakhijevan were illegally annexed to the Frankenstein monster and Kars, Ardahan, Ardvin and Surmalu that had never been a part of Ottoman Tyranny, (our beautiful Ani that has been savagely destroyed since and our most sacred symbol, mount Ararat were included in the package) were given just like that to Turkey.

Consult all the maps of the region and you see that a country called Azerbaijan north of the Arax River did not exist before 1918, and Armenia extended in the east to the river Kur until the 19th century. Earlier, Armenia reached the Caspian sea.
Even Arab historians considered Aghvank as part of Greater Armenia (Medz Haik).

Good Links:
A Geopolitical Agenda


Arran, the real name of the republic of Azerbaijan
An Interview with Dr. Enayatollah Reza

"The Tartars having no civilization of their own, imitated that of Persia, just as the Turks adopted an imitation of Arab culture." From "Fire and Sword in the Caucasus" by Luigi Villari

Oslonor said...

Oslonor: It is clear from the article that we are against racism. Also we are against portrayal of Perssians as Azeris.

The theory of language substitution and langauge adoption is correct in some casses. But it is not correct about Azeris. The British speak English and they are British. Azeris speak Azeri and they are Azeris. Azeris are neither Persians nor Kurds (Medes). I think most Armenians disagree with you about Azeris being really Persians but have adopted a Turkish language.

Anonymous said...

Dear Oslonor,

I may not have been really clear, or maybe my post was too long.

By categorically denying the Iranian ethnicity of the people of real Azarbaijan (Aturpatekan), you are making the fake "Azeris" happy.
That's what they want:

To "prove", despite the absence of any evidence the myth that a nation called "Azeri" existed 63000000000000000 eons before the big bang, while the term itself is a fallacy. No such nation ever existed.

You may have a thing against the Turkish speaking people of Iran, but believe me, according to every possible historical evidence, the two peoples of Lesser Mede(Aturpatekan) and Aghvank were culturally, racially, linguistically, religiously and in terms of levels of civilization and national unity two completely distinct entities.

I wish you could get your hands on this book by Enayatollah Reza:

اران ازدوران باستان تا آغاز حمله مغول

which is an extensive research into every existing source concerning Aghvank.

I agree that because the region was under Iranian rule for centuries, two way migrations did also take place and mixing definitely happenl you live this day?

ill be like is up to me. And I shall decide what kind of day I shall have!

How will you live this day?

Hellektor said...

Dear Oslonor,

I may not have been really clear, or maybe my post was too long.

By categorically denying the Iranian ethnicity of the people of real Azarbaijan (Aturpatekan), you are making the fake "Azeris" happy.
That's what they want:

To "prove", despite the absence of any evidence the myth that a nation called "Azeri" existed 63000000000000000 eons before the big bang, while the term itself is a fallacy. No such nation ever existed.

You may have a thing against the Turkish speaking people of Iran, but believe me, according to every possible historical evidence, the two peoples of Lesser Mede(Aturpatekan) and Aghvank were culturally, racially, linguistically, religiously and in terms of levels of civilization and national unity two completely distinct entities.

I wish you could get your hands on this book by Enayatollah Reza:

اران ازدوران باستان تا آغاز حمله مغول

which is an extensive research into every existing source concerning Aghvank.

I agree that because the region was under Iranian rule for centuries, two way migrations did also take place and mixing definitely happened. But race is not everything. How can you distinguish who in Iran has or has not Turkish genes?

Don't you say concerning the Qashghaii that they adopted a dialect of Turkish?

And you constantly speak of "Azeri" language. In my previous post I wrote that:

Azari is a term used by Arab historians to describe the LANGUAGE of the people of real Azarbaijan (Aturpatekan), north-west of Iran and ALWAYS south of the Arax River. It was a language of the PERSIAN family of languages called Pahlavi. The dialect spoken in Aturpatekan was called Pahlavi e Azari, to distinguish it from other Pahlavi dialects...

A Turkish dialect called "Azeri" has NEVER existed and by confirming this fallacy you are unwillingly helping pan-turkism.

But it's not just about race.
If we had to examine the DNA of the "Azeris", I wouldn't be surprised if even Armenian genes would be found.

The classic trait of the Turk is the intolerance for the non Turk.
Race is irrelevant. As long as you give up your name, language and religion, you are welcome and accepted as a Turk.

Think about Ziya Geokalp. The man (in fact beast) was a Kurd named Mohammad Ziya. He (or it) converted into a Turk and became the ideologue of pan-turkism that resulted in the Armenian Genocide.

Since the 16th century, many Armenians were already forced into Islam and were turkified. They were spared in 1915.
The Christian Armenians, a lot of whom had already given up their names and language under threat of their tongues being cut, were massacred because Christians could not be accepted as Turks.

By dismissing the Turkish speaking Iranians as "Azeris", you unwillingly agree to the separation of real Azarbaijan (Aturpatekan) from Iran, the annexation of the region to the fictitious "Azerbaijan" which was fabricated as an extension to the Ottoman Tyranny and a step closer to the annihilation of Armenia, the strengthening of the fascist Turkish state and the victory of pan-turkism.

Please tell me how this is not the case.

I am not your enemy, I want you to understand that what you are doing indirectly supports the sick pan-turkist ideology.



Hellektor said...


There's a comment just befor mine by an Anonymous user. It includes part of my message, I don't know how this happened. You may delete it if you wish.

Oslonor said...

We agree on one point with Pan-Turkist. That is Azeris are Turks. We may disagree with the rest of their analysis. The Original population of Azerbaijan has been displaced so historical analysis about who were there before Azeris came is not valid. The closest neighbors to Azeris are Kurds. And both ethnic groups have remained within their own group and have not mixed with each other. So Azeris are really Azeris. All the confusion about history is caused by Persian speaking Azeris who live in Tehran. Because those Azeris speak good Persian language then it is imagined that they are actually Persians which is not the case. Also Azeris are a free people. They can call themselves or their country whatever they want. Nobody has any objection to that. Even if that is historically not correct. I do not understand what is the ethnicity of Azeris if they are not turks. Oslonor

Anonymous said...

I think your website exaggerates too much.. the number of Azaris at the best is only 20%. Please see
for detailed statistics:



All the following idiotic website is made by a pan-turkist idiot named Mehran Bahari:


He makes about 50 sites to make Azaris look bigger than they are..
here is his main site:

as you can see Azarbaijani turkic can not challenge Persian anymore like the Qajar time and about 80% speak Iranian languages.

Anonymous said...

oslonor, I am persian and I have nothing but love for my azeri turkic speaking brothers and sisters. I will die for them if I have to.

So shut the fuck up with your non-sense, WE iranians hate people like you who try to divide us and spread hatred b/w us.

marg bar to

Anonymous said...

"as you can see Azarbaijani turkic can not challenge Persian anymore like the Qajar time and about 80% speak Iranian languages. "

Azarbaijanis challenging Persians???

they never did, they are Iranians. true Iranians. They are active in every possible way in Iran. you are rediculous man, Azaris of Iran are Iranian as you can get.

Anonymous said...

thanks. What I meant was that Azari Turkic is concentrated mainly in the NW whereas Persian is well known from Khuzestan all the way to Gilan and Khorasan. SO such conspiracy theories are not valid. Also I love every Iran loving Azari.

Anonymous said...

btw did you know oslonor means assman (ass as in donkey)

Anonymous said...


Come to our discussion board.


Anonymous said...

It's been painfull and inferiority complex for Farsestanies, Why their lands are desert!?
They have similar senses about culture & language, history(Absolute majority of iranian history makers are Turks: Shah Ismayil, Shah Abbas, Baybek, Nader Shah and another Turk tribes like Saljuqlar, Ghaznavilar and ...), population(!), sport(Absolute majority of iranian athletics are Turks: Hoseyn Rizazade, Ali Dayi, Saei, Bagheri & ...)

Paopao Wang said...

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Anonymous said...

"A recent study of the genetic landscape of Iran was completed by a team of Cambridge geneticists led by Dr. Maziar Ashrafian Bonab (an Iranian Azarbaijani).[82] Bonab remarked that his group had done extensive DNA testing on different language groups, including Indo-European and non Indo-European speakers, in Iran.[83] The study found that the Azerbaijanis of Iran do not have a similar FSt and other genetic markers found in Anatolian and European Turks. However, the genetic Fst and other genetic traits like MRca and mtDNA of Iranian Azeris were identical to Persians in Iran."

"However, the genetic Fst and other genetic traits like MRca and mtDNA of Iranian Azeris were identical to Persians in Iran."